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I’m nıhat suzergoz 

Nutritionist & Healthy Lifestyle Coach 

Are You Ready To Start a Healthy Lifestyle Journey ?

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

You are just seven steps away from your new healthy life.  We are going to take steps together to reach  your ideal healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional Coaching

Struggling to eat healthy? This coaching program is for you!  We are going to achieve your nutrition goals and help establish a  healthy way.


Nutritional, Exercise and Spiritual coaching programs mixed and designed in terms of your needs. 3 sessions is only 400 CAD. Stop waiting & start doing something for your future.



This program is designed for the age group 16 to 24 based on their needs. If you are in this age group and want to make a unique start to your life this deal is for you. If you are a parent and want a precise future for your kids I am here to help.

Step 1: Nutritional Assessment and Healthy Eating Coaching

Life is based on energy and our energy comes from nutritions. Therefore, consuming right nutrition means having right energy circle and staying happy and energetic for whole life. 

Step 2: Body Physiology Assessment and Exercise Coaching

In addition to ensuring we are eating the right nutrients, how we spend our energy is just as important. Using our energy for exercise and movement is good for our health. For this step we are going to access your current physiology to find the best exercise solution for you.

Step 3: Life Energy Assessment and Spiritual Coaching

There are many ways our energy centers can become blocked. In this step we are going to assess your energy field for deviations and spiritual blockages. 

Step 4: Health status assessment & Coaching

You do not have only one choice to get your health back! For this step, we are going to assess your health status and  discuss alternative therapy choices provided by different health professionals.

Step 5: Nutrigenetics

Today we know exactly what happens in our body is controlled by our genes. In this step, we are using genetic testing to find solutions to your problems. 

Step 6: Body Detox Coaching

Get rid of the toxins in your body and feel refreshed. 


Step 7: Desire Detox Coaching

Take control of your life by learn how to manage your desires.

Now you are ready for your new & healthy life.

Let’s go and  get it…

What Is Nutralistic HealthWay?

As a matter of fact, we are all a part of nature. Through nutrition we can connect to nature and to the universe. The right nutrition is the first step to a healthy life. Nutralistic Way provides a pathway for you to achieve a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced lifestyle by using ancient knowledge and modern scientific data.  


Is It For Whom?

Do you think you do not have a healthy lifestyle?

Do you feel you are loosing your health?

Are you stuck somewhere in your life and cannot take the next step?

Do you always feel tired and without energy to reach your potential ? 

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, Nutralistic pathway is for you. Get your healthy life back in 7 steps to live a harmonious life as a part of the universe. 

What is The Process Like?


1. Book your initial appointment.

We will start with a nutritional assessment and set goals to reach a healthy eating pattern. You can choose any steps as starting point if you think that step is a priority.

2. Let's follow up.

Each step includes a follow-up for prior steps. For example, in the second appointment we are going to assess your physiology and exercise status and follow-up on nutritional goals. The third appointment will review nutrition and exercise goals as well as a spiritual assessment. 

3. Outsource assessments

During our journey we may use assessments from other sources such as nutrigenetic testing or astrology chart reading. 

4. Working with healthcare professionals.

If required, we will work with healthcare providers such as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, herbalists, recall healing professionals etc.

5. Final step

Once you feel you’re on track with a healthy lifestyle, you are at the final step. Let’s start. 

Coaching Packages

Nutralistic Pathway

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Each Step

We have 7 steps journey in this pathway. I highly recommend for starting by Step 1: Nutritional Assessment and keep going to the end. But you know yourself better then everyone so you can start with any step which you think best for you. Or you can skip any step which you think you do not need. 


Nutralistic Pathway

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Full Package

If you decide you are ready to take control of your life and live healthy, this package is for you at a good discount. 

CA$ 1540

CA$ 1200

Nutritional Coaching 


 This coaching program is for person who needs professional nutritional consultation. It could be picky eaters, profeesional athletes or person who wants to eat healthy way.  


About Me

I am Nihat, and it is my goal to help other people and to use my knowledge for a healthier society. My knowledge comes from ancient wisdom as well as modern science. I am a pharmacist, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle coach. I obtained my pharmacy degree from Istanbul University / Turkey and practiced pharmacy for many years before realizing the importance of nutrition and lifestyle for maintaining health. I then studied Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle promotion program at Humber College. I had a chance to work with many wise people including doctors, pharmacists, herbalists, healers, and spiritual leaders. This taught me how to help people navigate their health journey. Join me and let’s get your health and energy back to realize your potential in this incredible world.

Lights on The Road 

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”.              


“Giving love will change a person more than giving advice ever will.”

                                                                                           Karen Berg 

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

                                                                                             Lao Tzu 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!